Message from the Alumnae Association


It’s the first week of the new year and I find myself reflecting on 2018, embracing 2019 with a fresh start, setting goals and all the opportunities and challenges a new year presents. I’m less inclined to make resolutions but I am intrigued with claiming a word or phrase to help shape the year ahead. My word for 2019 is courage. Courage is defined as the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. I can think of many aspects in my life, (physical, spiritual and emotional) where I need to explore taking worthy actions despite the potential risk.

As I settled in on my word for 2019, I couldn’t help but think about the courage that our alma mater needs as we face the challenges of today. It took courage for members of the strategic planning committee to even brooch the idea of a one college/two campus model. It took courage for our Board of Trustees to agree to explore that recommendation further. And it will take a lot of courage for us to put our emotions aside and continue the conversation on shaping the future of Russell Sage College.

Wishing you many blessings this new year,




Annie Paulhus Iwanicki ‘86