Message from the Alumnae Association

What a joyful time we had at Reunion 2018, celebrating the legacy, learning, friendships and traditions that make Russell Sage a place like no other! The energy on campus was palpable and the 3s and 8s sure showed up ready to reconnect with one another and the College.

No matter how many Reunions I attend, I never tire of seeing Russell Sage through the lens of other alumnae, watching a seasoned class (Blue Angels 1973) show a younger class (Red Devils 2013) how to maximize their Reunion experience, listening to the stories and reminiscing about their days on campus, singing the alma mater with gusto, parading down First Street with shouts of R-E-D-R-E-D-R-E-D-R-E-D-R-E-D-R-E-D-R-E-D-red, Hey! … or P-U-R-P-L-E purple purple yessiree! or… Take a B-add an L-attach a U-what do you do, you add an E and what do you see blue, blue blue! … or G-O-L-D gold, G-O-L-D gold, G-O-L-D, G-O-L-D, G-O-L-D gold! And the cherry on the cake for me was hearing words of wisdom from Crockett Medalist Helen Rodriguez Burmaster ’78 about how much Sage means to her and what motivates her, 40 years later, to continue sharing her gifts and talents with our beloved Russell Sage.

Members of the Class of 1988 Margaret Schwaneflugel, Randi DaPonte and Wendy Wies

Members of the Class of 1988 Margaret Schwaneflugel, Randi DaPonte and Wendy Wies

Another of my favorite moments from this year’s Reunion was getting to chat with three Golden Horseshoes from 1988 celebrating their 30th Reunion. What struck me about their friendship was that it is a fairly new friendship, going back just five years. Wendy Weis, Randi DaPonte and Margaret Schwaneflugel were on campus together from 1984-1988 but didn’t know each other. They met each other at Reunion 2013 and struck up a friendship in their mid-40s. These three women now share an incredible bond with one another and with the College. They were decked out in head-to-toe gold for most of the weekend and while they may not have been “Sally Sage” during their college days, they are more than making up for it now. They laughed, they participated, they connected, they reflected. Sage has a way of doing that. As we age, we yearn for ways to make meaningful connections with people and a shared RSC experience can be just the salve.

Four people who have made meaningful connections with RSC are coming to the end of the terms on the Alumnae Association board: Alumna Trustee Tammy Parsons ’97, Secretary Linda Rimkunos ’75, Members-at-Large Jess Campbell ’01 and Kate Saulsbery ’11, and First-Year Representative Katie Giarratano ’17. These women served their alma mater with integrity and evenhandedness and we are so appreciative of the time and expertise they have shared to strengthen our association.

I hope you get to enjoy some downtime this summer. I look forward to staying in touch with you and sharing in your summer travels updates via the Russell Sage College Alumnae Association’s Facebook page.

All the best,