Message from the Alumnae Association President

As we begin 2018 and strive to follow through with our New Year’s Resolutions, I hope you will resolve to stay in touch with Russell Sage by joining Sage’s online community, the Sage Alumnae portal. This community allows you to connect with classmates and alumnae on social, professional, and intellectual levels like never before. It allows you to search your old friends, manage your own contact information, register for events and much more! We are using electronic communications to get the word out about our outreach events, including Reunion, and we don’t want you to miss out! To register for this complimentary service, visit

Did you know that the Association has a Nominating & Awards Committee? It is comprised of seven members, each of whom serves one year. The membership consists of one former alumna trustee, the immediate past president of the Russell Sage College Alumnae Association, three current board members and two non-board members, one of whom must have graduated from Russell Sage within the previous 15 years. One of the Committee’s responsibilities is to identify and select distinguished individuals to be recipients of Alumnae Association awards. The categories are Doris Crockett Award, Woman of Influence Award, Young Alumna Award, Friend of RSCAA, Special Project/Service Award and Award for Service to a Chapter of Alumnae Association.

Below is a letter from committee member Kathy DeVito Cohen ’83, sharing her thoughts on how we can increase the pool of candidates for awards. I urge you to take her comments to heart and share with us your story or another Sage alumna’s accomplishments. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Dear Fellow Alumnae,

Happy New Year! For number of years I have had the pleasure of giving back to Russell Sage College by serving on the Alumnae Awards Nominating Committee. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me and a very easy way to stay connected with the Sage community. The work of this committee is only as strong as the nominations we have to consider and I am writing today to encourage you to share your accomplishments with the alumnae office; not only for this committee’s consideration but simply because Sage is interested in you.

As women who nurtured each other with the guiding principals captured in the motto To Be, To Know, To Do, writing about oneself can feel difficult. Yet, if you don’t share your stories, endeavors or activities who will? Younger women need more than ever to know the history we, RSC alumnae, have made in the communities, corporations and careers we’ve contributed to over our years. We are women who, like those ahead of us, have balanced family with professions, caring for our young, our elders, as well as our pets while also making significant strides across all professional pathways. It would be hard to deny our foundational education at Russell Sage had some part in these successes. Continue to honor yourself, a classmate, friend, or colleague by submitting a nomination form found at
Start with sharing about yourself.

My own story is not so different from many of you. More education leading to varied careers in various cities while raising a family has led to both struggles and tremendous joys over the years. While social media and holiday cards provide appreciated touch points with many classmates, volunteering annually with Sage has provided a deeper connection to a time when it was all ahead of me. Again, I encourage you to take the few minutes to give back to Sage by sharing about yourself as we once did while living door to door. We will all benefit from learning about the strengths and contributions of one another.

Warmest Regards,
Kathy (Kate) DeVito Cohen ’83